Regional & Innovative -
Our new Gönnataler Gourmet Red Cabbage

With immediate effect, another innovative product complements our successful convenience product range. Our "Gönnataler Gourmet Red Cabbage" was developed in cooperation with Gönnataler Putenspezialitäten GmbH from Thuringia and combines freshly harvested red cabbage with the finest Gönnataler goose fat. The result is a tasty red cabbage dish and another successful Thuringian partnership.

It comes together what belongs together - Thüringer Landgarten Sauerkraut with original Thuringian Rostbratwurst (sausage)

From now on, another savoury Sauerkraut meal complements our successful Convenience family. The lovingly named "Bratwurstkraut" combines our award-winning mild Thuringian sauerkraut with tasty Thuringian Rostbratwurst (sausage) as well as greaves lard, carrots and onions. Our "Bing & Ready" mini-dishes can be enjoyed warm or cold. Whether as a pure snack, convenient intermediate meal, garnish or main course - simply "BING" AND FINISHED in minutes!

Two strong brands united - Thüringer Landgarten Sauerkraut with Eberswalder Kasseler

As of now, another innovative co-branding complements our successful convenience family.
Our "Sauerkraut with Eberswalder Kasseler" was developed in cooperation with the EWG Eberswalder Wurst GmbH and combines best Thüringer Sauerkraut with tasteful Eberswalder Kasseler.

The EWG Eberswalder Wurst GmbH is Brandenburg's leading company in the food industry and its meat and sausage products are well known all over Brandenburg. Our ready-to-serve sauerkraut products also have a high popularity among consumers.

The perfect prerequisite for a successful partnership and tasty sauerkraut ready meals.

Regionality & Innovation - combined in two extraordinary product innovations

The theme of regionality, which has always played an important role in the company, is the basis for our latest product developments. With the companies ABLIG Feinfrost GmbH and Greußener Salami- and Schinkenfabrik GmbH, an innovative Thuringian co-branding was developed, which is so far not to be found in the canned food market.

For the first time we use the well-known dumpling mixture from Heichelheim and the original Greußener Edel Salami for the production of the products "Heichelheimer Schlachtekraut" and "Greußener Schlachtekraut".

As a result, two extraordinary sauerkraut ready-to-serve products were produced: a harmonically seasoned cabbage with original Heichelheimer dumpling and a hearty flavored version with original Greußener Salami.