The Nutri-Score is a system designed to identify the nutritional value of foods

Distinctly labeled nutritional value helps consumers to make well-balanced dietary choices. That is why we voluntarily applied the Nutri-Score labeling system, which has been successfully established in France in 2017. The food labeling system developed by independent scientists offers consumers an orientation that is easy to understand and weighs up the entirety of nutrients. According to information from the German Consumer Advice Center, over 80 percent of the consumers would favour an easier way to identify balanced food products.

Nutri-Score does not focus on individual ingredients such as sugar or salt. There is also no judgment as to whether a product is good or bad. Instead, the calculation method looks at the entirety of a product and whether its various ingredients support or hinder a well-balanced diet. The respective components are rated with points, favourable and unfavourable are offset against each other and the result of the product is then classified on a scale. In the calculation, unfavourable nutritional elements initially receive plus points and the favourable ones receive minus points. Once those points are set off against each other this will result in a respective overall score which can be between -15 points (very favourable) and +40 points (very unfavourable).

A high content of sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids is rated unfavourably. Favourable products are fruits, vegetables and nuts as well as nutrients like proteins and fiber. The resulting seal is then printed on the packaging. The five-level color scale begins with an “A” in dark green (favourable balance) and runs through a yellow “C” to a dark red “E” (very unfavourable). The corresponding letter is highlighted larger and is used to help the consumers’ orientation. In contrast to other systems, the Nutri-Score is calculated on a 100 gram or 100 ml basis and makes it very easy to compare products directly.


The advantages of Nutri-Score labeling at a glance:

Nutri-Score was developed by renowned independent scientists and currently offers food labeling with the most extensive scientific basis.

Nutri-Score is calculated on the basis of the nutritional information per 100 g / 100 ml. Processed foods can be compared within but also with different categories.

The colours of the Nutri-Score on the packaging give consumers an overview of the nutritional quality of a food product. This serves as a guide when consciously buying groceries.

Various studies from around the world show that Nutri-Score evidently helps consumers to make health-conscious choices by providing the means to assess the health value of a food more easily.

Sources: German Consumer Advice center & Wikipedia i.a.