Schweizer Sauerkonserven GmbH

A long-standing cultivation of vegetable

"Thüringer Landgarten" is the well-known brand of the canner Schweizer. In addition to this brand, Schweizer also produces a wide range of brands for well-known manufacturers and distributors.

The company is located in one of the most traditional vegetable growing areas in Germany, the Grossengottersche Ried. A reed located in the administrative district of Unstrut-Hainich not far from the national park and the geographic center of Germany.

Those open fields are predominantly used for agriculture and a dam is available as a reservoir for the irrigation of the fields.

A family business

In 1992, the Schweizer family took over the business and continued to move forward with the existing and motivated employees.

With the arrival of the swabian entrepreneurial family in the town of Großengottern, their decades-long experience was complemented by the traditional production location of Großengottersche Ried. The fertile soils and the long-standing cultivation of vegetables by the farmers also provided the best conditions for the high-quality foods from Schweizer.

Today, the company is successfully present on the market in its third generation, behind its CEO's, Joachim Schweizer and Karl Schweizer as well as Karl Schweizer, responsible for production and technology and Joachim Schweizer who is in charge of the sales department.

Numerous and on-going investments over the years have secured and continue to secure the future viability and sustainability of the company.