Contract farming - knowing where it comes from.

We build on experience in the manufacturing of our products and focus on quality, continuity and fairness in our work.
This starts by collaboration with regional farms for a stable and sustainable cultivation which is constantly kept at a high level.

The contact with the respective farmers is very important to us.

Together with our long-standing contractors, we pay attention to the fact that our raw materials are generically cultivated, looked after and gently harvested. On-site appointments in the fields and joint consultations at the production site are carried out regularly.
We contribute to our farmer’s cultivation, seed procurement, care measures and storage. This way, we achieve the highest level of transparency and traceability. In addition to the traceability of all cultural measures, extensive soil and plant residue analyses are also carried out. Choosing the optimum time for harvesting prevents long storage times and contributes significantly to the quality and freshness of our products.